The Influence of the European Recession on Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards have performed positively since the European Recession. Find out what has contributed to bring this situation about.
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Europe first became impacted by recession late in 2008, and while some countries have managed to fight their way out, others such as the UK are still suffering amid the fallout. When looking at business during a recession, there are invariably some sectors that suffer as expected. Among the examples of sectors that traditionally struggle are tourism, retail and services.

Recessions are sweeping in nature and generally suck in most business areas. However, there are some sectors that are generally considered to be recession-proof, with one of these being gambling – this where online scratch cards come in.

National Lottery Sales Thrive in the UK

Stepping outside of the online realm for a moment, it should be noted that lottery sales in the UK have performed strongly since the recession. In terms of sales, the National Lottery raked in a staggering £6.5 billion in 2011, demonstrating that Britons were still open to gambling. Now, when looking at that huge chunk of revenue, it should be pointed out that there was an increase of 12.1 per cent on 2010. Moving forward in time, the National Lottery announced that £999 was spent by people in the UK leading up to September 2012. Thus far it appears that people in the UK have been receptive to playing paper-based scratch cards during the European Recession.

Online Casinos Perform Strongly in 2010

Figures for the UK casino industry in 2010 estimated the market value to be approximately £1.1 billion – this strong performance is in line with similarly strong offline performance by the National Lottery. Industry personnel have pointed out performance was only so strong because online casino sites bailed out their offline counterparts. It seems that in the depressed European economy, players began logging on to online casinos as opposed to paying lots more to spend the night at an actual casino. Players did not want to sacrifice their wagering and turned to online casinos to fill this void.

Online Scratch Cards are Appealing

Basically, the influence of the European Recession has contributed to cultivate a situation where people are more susceptible to online scratch cards. As a way of saving money, players are now going to online casinos instead of offline. They do not want to stop wagering because they enjoy the lure of playing for a jackpot, which looks even more appealing in the aftermath of the recession.

The Games are Getting Better

For a long time software developers have concentrated on slots and casino games, not giving scratch cards as much as attention. However, that has now changed with top development companies basing their scratch games on major movies and TV shows. In summation, online scratch cards have grown in popularity during the European Recession and have been largely unaffected by any negative effects.

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