A Quick Guide To The Options Of Online Scratch Card Games

While some of the gamblers will prefer the intricate settings and complex mechanisms of games such as poker or baccarat, most people partake in this activity exclusively for entertainment purposes. The naked truth is that in order to play the first category of gambling games and to be really competitive at an online texas holdem tournament for instance, you will need to spend countless of hours studying the strategies and countless more experiencing them first hand. Online scratch cards constitute the perfect alternative in terms of simplicity and enjoyment, whether you are a professional gambler trying to break away from the tension or a casual player with less interest in the occasional gain.

This does not entail that you cannot win a lot of cash, particularly if you are playing on a website that enables you to track the progressive jackpots in several games simultaneously. However, you don’t need to invest any effort in learning extensive regulations or tactics. You simply set your bet, the number of cards and start scratching to see if you won. And, you can even skip that part. There are online scratch cards games that enable you to perform these actions automatically, as you are about to find out. The three main options encountered on scratch card websites comprise of:

  • Manual scratch card games
  • Automatic scratch card games
  • Auto play scratch card games

The first category – manual scratch card games – entails that the player enters the bet and then proceeds to scratching off the boxes on the card utilizing either his mouse or the touchscreen, if he is playing on a tablet or smartphone. The manual scratch option is preferred by nostalgic players who used to engage in the standard version of the game, because it is basically the closest you can get to that particular experience.

Automatic scratch games imply entering the bet and having the computer scratch the boxes in your place. Because there is less effort involved, you can play the game at a faster rate. However, some of the feeling is lost in the process. If you want to take the fastest route to winning, then you can opt for the auto-play option. In auto play mode, you only have to select the bet amount and the number of scratch cards you want to purchase. The computer will then display the results for each card on your screen. The auto play option is indicated for those who want to play the game only for the purpose of winning cash rewards.

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